Monday, February 19, 2018

5 Fashion Ideas from Winter to Spring

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Having a hard time figuring out what to wear as winter transitions into spring?  I know I do.  This involves taking 2-4 hours to try on everything in my closet.  Usually in an effort to find out what fits and what doesn't.  I've never been a "fashionista" so to speak.  But I try to dress as nicely as possible and still be comfortable.  For inspiration, read on to 5 Fashion Ideas from Winter to Spring.

#1 Weigh your options

No woman wants to run out of fashion ideas to mix and match your wardrobe.  Actually trying on different things in your closet helps to weigh your options.  Something that I personally do, is try on different pants and shirts. I do this to see first of all what still fits.  Then I weigh my options about what outfits I can put together with what I have.  Weighing my options as far as seeing how many outfits I can put together is a great feeling.  It helps me see that I have more options than I thought I did with what I already have!  But purchasing a few newer pieces always freshens up any wardrobe.  And what woman doesn't like to shop when given the chance?

#2 Buy new pieces between seasons

It's always a great idea to shop for new pieces of your wardrobe in between seasons.  That way you can shop in person or online at retailer stores during their clearance sales.  I like to do this between seasons because the deals are great.  You're bound to find a lot of brand name items at sometimes half the original cost.  I just found a nice shirt (a winter "anchor piece") at Macy's for $2.93 on clearance!  You know I had to buy it!  I only paid $68.00 for five tops!  Now that's a fantastic clearance-shopping trip!  You can find nice additions to your winter wardrobe as we're heading into spring and vice versa.

#3 Choose your "anchor pieces"

By this, I mean to find a handful of clothing pieces that you can move around with a lot of other pieces.  Finding tops, blouses, or shirts, for instance, to match one to two pairs of pants or skirts can be an exciting discovery.  Especially if you've made the discovery with pieces you already own!  Anchor pieces can be pieces of neutral color, that match several other colors in your wardrobe.  Brown or black colors can match several other pieces in your closet, complimenting your winter wardrobe.  Lighter colors, such as light solid colors, pastels, or floral designs, can match tan slacks or skirts, complimenting your summer wardrobe.  The variety of fashion ideas for mix and match is endless when you have just a handful of your "anchor pieces"!

#4 Make a "clothing picture album"

Since we all have cell phone cameras, just grab your cell phone camera and snap a photo.  Find your mix and match outfits, and have a friend take pictures of them for you.  For me, it helps me keep a record of what matches.  Then when I'm trying to figure out what to wear, I consult my clothing pictures and it reminds me!  Because, if you're like me, sometimes we forget what matches and what doesn't!  When you have the pictures to remind you, and you're in a hurry about what to wear, just consult the pictures.  And voila!  Instance outfit memory saver!

#5 Phone a Friend

Sometimes we women need a second opinion about our fashion choices.  I know I do.  As I said before, I'm not exactly a fashionista by any means.  Sometimes I don't trust my own opinion on the clothes I chose to mix and match!  But calling a friend can really help.  Sometimes they can help you by letting you know what you look like from "the other side."

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