Tuesday, March 20, 2018

3 Positive Tips in Caring for a Loved One After Surgery

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Have you ever thought that life was just perfect, on cruise control, and basically just "a piece of cake", and suddenly a healthcare issue becomes an emergency you weren't expecting?  I have to say, that this issue cropping up, was certainly not what I was expecting to have to deal with anytime soon.  But, you know what they say:  "Life Happens" and in the blink of an eye, you're in the throes of an emergency situation and taking action to remedy it.  Being in a life-threatening situation with a loved one has taught me to be thankful and blessed for all the things God has given us in this life.  Please read on as I draw from experience, 3 Positive Tips in Caring for a Loved One After Surgery.

Be nurturing, patient, and kind

It's not that I never considered myself a nurturing, patient, and kind person.  I feel I have always been that way naturally over the years.  But when you are put in an unexpected situation, you have to step up and take charge, like it or not.  You just do what you need to do.  And with that responsibility comes a few things that are very important to your loved one's well being.  This means putting them first.  Be nurturing and caring, making sure they are comfortable at home.  Have patience in dealing with their at-home care, such as changing surgery dressings, taking temperature, et cetera.  Be kind while caring for a loved one, and tending to their needs as they are recovering.

Make sure you take care of your own emotional and mental needs

Caring for a loved one can really wear on your emotional and mental status.  So make sure you get your rest as much as you can manage while taking care of your loved one.  This will help you tremendously as you take care of them.  You'd be surprised at how much better you feel with a nap here and there when you can manage it.  This way you will feel that you are taking care of your own needs, and in turn, you can better care for your loved one.

Be firm when you need to

Being firm can be difficult when you know there are things your loved one needs to do to get better.  A gentle reminder or nudge in the right direction can sometimes help in getting the ball rolling.  After surgery, the patient has to sometimes work towards their own rehabilitation.  This includes getting back into a regular meal routine.  It may also include small amounts of exercise for them in order to get them back to 100% functionality.  But helping them get back to 100% may be easier for them if you work alongside them towards this goal.  It's always easier to work with a buddy system.  This makes the goal less daunting than them trying it alone.

But being put into an emergency situation, and making split-second decisions has never come easy for me.  This type of situation comes up, and you really learn to "step up your game" in a hurry.  But being nurturing, patient, and kind is the beginning of caring for a loved one, so they achieve healing and get 100% back to their life again.

Friday, March 9, 2018

3 Tips to Make Easter Fun for Kids

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Scrambling to plan an Easter celebration for the family, and don't know what to do to make Easter fun for kids?  If you are looking for ideas to keep the kids entertained this Easter, check out my post below as I give you ideas for 3 Tips to Make Easter Fun for Kids.

Plan an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Kids love to hunt for Easter eggs.  It's a proven fact that, to most kids, that's what Easter is all about.  They just love to hunt for those brightly colored Easter eggs.  So why not make Easter fun for kids, by making more of a game out of it?  Make up a colorful page with steps on how to find the "Easter egg treasure".  Give each child a copy of the page, and have them follow the instructions on how to find the treasure.  It can be a map of sorts with them looking for clues that will lead them to the Easter egg treasure.  End it with a super prize, such as an Easter basket with goodies inside.  Whoever finds the "Easter egg treasure" wins the basket with the treasure.  In addition, you can make up small baskets with goodies.  That way every child wins.

Have an Egg-Coloring Contest

Another thing you can prepare in advance to make Easter fun for kids is an area with a large table set up.  It should contain all the items the kids will need to color their Easter eggs.  Plan a time to do this around your dinner so it doesn't interfere.  Explain the rules so the kids know how to compete.  Give them a time limit in which to color their most specially colored and designed egg.  Have prizes available as you did for the Easter egg treasure hunt.  The winner gets the larger prize (whatever you decide that will be).  The other kids get prizes just for participating.

Finally, have an old-fashioned egg hunt

At the end of the Easter celebration, you can make Easter fun for kids by doing a traditional Easter egg hunt.  You can make it fun by using plastic Easter eggs.  Hide things other than candy in the Easter eggs they find.  You can put candy in some, and money in others.  Kids have real motivation if they know there will be other "prizes" inside the eggs they find, especially money!  Use your imagination, and you can even put small toys inside the plastic eggs as well.  Just make sure there are no kids smaller than 3 years old.  You don't want them to accidentally swallow any small toys they might get inside the plastic eggs.

Try these tips to make Easter fun for kids, and always remember the reason for the Easter holiday.  Jesus is the reason for the season.

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