Wednesday, April 4, 2018

5 Favorite Books for Young Readers

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When I was a kid in grade school, I loved to read.  My favorite author was Beverly Cleary.  She wrote about the adventures of Otis Spofford, and Beezus and Ramona. I could get completely lost in their characters for hours, just to finish reading her books.  Below are 5 Favorite Books for Young Readers.

Vanished - (Faithgirlz/Boarding School Mysteries) - By Kristi Holl

Every young reader who has a love of reading can get lost in a good mystery.  This book has a great depiction of the characters, and mystery at every turn.  With each page, there is suspense and it will keep a young reader engaged, till they find out whodunit.

Ramona The Brave - By Beverly Cleary

This book is definitely on my list of favorite books for young readers.  It will take your child through the adventures of  Ramona Quimby.  As a young girl growing up, she gets into all kinds of trouble as she tries to navigate through life.  Great read!

Otis Spofford  - By Beverly Cleary

This character loves to stir up trouble!  No one loves making things exciting in class, but Otis Spofford.  Whatever is going on, Otis finds a way to turn things upside down!  If your young reader is looking for a book full of adventure, this is the book.  Your child will not be able to put it down until the last page is read!

Poisoned (Faithgirlz/Boarding School Mysteries) - By Kristi Holl

Another great mystery book by Kristi Holl.  Her mystery books are so well written.  This book is definitely a great mystery from beginning to end.  A great read for a young person that loves reading whodunit books.  This book weaves in a great lesson in God's goodness and grace, and how it interconnects with the story.

Henry Huggins - By Beverly Cleary

This guy is just your average kid, with what he thinks is a dull, nothing ever happens, life.  But on Klickitat Street, things do get interesting when you least expect it.  Beverly Cleary writes an interesting character who learns life lessons in this book.  A must for young readers, this book will keep them reading until they find out what Henry Huggins learns!

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