Wednesday, May 2, 2018

9 Tips for Navigating in New York

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My husband and I recently took our dream trip to New York.  We have been talking about going for several years, and finally made it happen.  While navigating in New York, we learned a few tips for future reference.  Check it them out below in my 9 tips for Navigating in New York.

 #1 When taking a cab in New York, occupy yourself with a task during the ride

Why take this advice?

Because, I kid you not, the cab drivers, drive around the city very quickly.  If you are paying close attention, it will stress you out if you're not used to it, lol.  They don't mess around.  They just want to get you from point A to point B, collect the fare, and move on to the next customer.  The positive in this is that they know where they're going.  They will definitely get you to your Broadway Show on time, even if you're running late!

#2 If you're walking around town, stay to the side of the walk

What is the reason behind this?

The people that live in New York, live very fast-paced lives.  They are always in a hurry it seems, to get wherever they're going.  Therefore, if you are a visitor, it behooves you to stay to the side of the walk.  Especially if you are walking at a slow or moderate pace.  We must have walked at least nearly 20 miles in the week we were there!  It was great exercise though, in the long run!

#3 Take the subway only if you must

Why not take the subway while navigating in New York?

While it is true that the NYC subway will definitely get you to your destination a lot quicker, I personally don't recommend it.  It is definitely faster than other modes of transportation.  My niece came in on the train for the day and made a great effort to show us where the NYC subways were located.  She showed us how to pay for, hop on, and ride the NYC subway while we were navigating in New York.  It's a pretty wild ride for sure!  Again, people in New York are very busy and hurried people.  So much rushing around in the subways, can really make a visit to the city a very nerve-wracking event!

#4 Ride the Double-decker Bus through the City

Why spend the money on a bus pass?

This pass covers a lot of area without doing a lot of walking.  The double-decker bus ride is definitely a great way to see the city.  We rode this bus on one of our outings and we saw Brooklyn, as well as Time Square, Madison Square Garden, Battery Park and several other points of interest.  It's definitely a great choice if you're looking to see a lot of the city without having to hoof it! You can always purchase a "Hop on/Hop Off Bus Pass" for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 days, and you'll definitely see a lot.

#5 Make sure you find some great places to eat

Why do this?

Because walking around while navigating in New York, you will find that there are many small delicatessens to chose from.  We visited several different spots that had self-serve deli's, such as Cafe Hestia on 2nd Street.  They offered a self-serve area with both breakfast and lunch.  Great food, and great coffee!  Another great place we visited for lunch, was a restaurant in Time Square called Juniors.  Upon recommendation from my sister-in-law, their cheesecake is to die for!  And it was!  I recommend the Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake.  The slices are very generous and can be enjoyed with black coffee.

#6 Visit all the touristy sites first

Will being choosy get you some good deals?

Yes, it will!  Check with the concierge at the hotel or resort you're staying at, and they will provide you with a list of things to do.  Our hotel concierge emailed us two or three packages ahead of time that we could buy, that covered many great attractions.  We did all of the touristy things the first four days we were there.  The best tourist attractions we made sure to visit were Top of the Rock, which is the Rockefeller Center.  The observation decks were very picturesque with views of Central Park, the Empire State Building, and a great view of New York in general!  Also in our itinerary were the Statue of Liberty Ferry Tour and the 911 Memorial.  Both were spectacular in meaning and emotion, in relation to being an American.

#7 Do not forget to take a carriage ride in Central Park

Is it expensive?

Just a little bit.  But well worth the money.  A carriage ride in Central Park is a great thing to do while navigating in New York!  I highly recommend this.  The scenery is a beauty to behold.  You will see many picturesque views of the park, including the condos of the celebrities such as Lady Gaga, and the late John Lennon and Yoko Ono to name a few.  Your driver will point out certain places of interest inside of the park, and even stop for you to take pictures.  Our driver was even kind enough to stop, and took several pictures of us in front of one of the fountains!  Expensive?  Maybe a bit, but really worth putting out the money to experience it.  After all, you only live once right!

#8 Definitely make a point to see a Broadway Show

Why see a Broadway Show?

While navigating in New York, seeing a Broadway Show or two is a must!  We were able to see two Broadway Shows while in New York, Jersey Boys, and Wicked.  Both were great shows that I highly recommend seeing.  Jersey Boys is the story of Frankie Valli, and how he became famous.  Wicked is a backstory of how the Wicked Witch of the West became so wicked.  Trust me, you will not regret it!

#9 Walking while navigating in New York is your best bet

Why walk while navigating in New York you ask?

Mostly because we saved on cab fare, lol!  We got around by walking most of the time while in New York.  It can get pretty expensive if you're using a cab to get around all the time.  Once you navigate around in New York, you learn which order the street names are in.  This aids in getting you both to your destination and back to your hotel without a problem.  Otherwise, if you find on Google, that your destination is quite a ways to get to, a cab is definitely in order.  But overall, if you are able to get to your destination on foot, I recommend walking.  You will find that while walking in New York, pedestrians rule!

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