Wednesday, May 23, 2018

9 Tips for Organizing your Trip

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Ever start packing your suitcase to go on a trip, and find yourself packing everything but the kitchen sink?  Been there, and done that!  If it's one time you really need organization, it's before going on a trip.  Organizing your trip will help cut your stress level as you travel.  So plan well, and get yourself organized with 13 Tips for Organizing Your Trip.

#1 Make sure you start with a handy checklist

So where in the world do I start?

Take a seat and think about where you are traveling to, and from there make a list of things you will need to do before leaving for your trip.  A handy dandy checklist will lessen your stress by a lot.  And in organizing your trip, you are less apt to forget anything you need to do.  This list should have on it things such as reserving your flights, and your hotels.  And don't forget to add researching your sight-seeing adventures as well.

#2  Set up an Itinerary for your trip

What type of things should go on this itinerary?

Usually, once you've decided where you're going to travel, the first thing will be your flight itinerary.  Being organized means having this itinerary at your fingertips.  Believe me, it will be less stressful once you get to the airport to have this handy so you'll know where you need to be before your flight takes off.   Next, add the sight-seeing trips you have planned out with dates of trips, cost, et cetera.   You can either set this up with the concierge at your hotel or do your own research online and set up some sight-seeing yourself.

#3  Look up the TSA Rules so you know what to expect

How do I go about doing this?

If you fly with a particular airline, looking it up online is a cinch!  Once you've found the airline you're flying with, look for a link to the TSA Rules.  Read through this, and it will explain what is expected of you for security purposes while going through the security line.  It will also give you any costs you may acquire when checking in.

#4  Practice packing a small carry-on bag

Why is it necessary to do this?

Because learning to vacation, even for a week, with a small carry-on bag will be less of a headache than trying to check a larger bag in before going through the security line.  Life will be so much easier on your flight!  Not having to go to the luggage pick up after your flight lands, will save you a lot of time in the long run.  A suggestion for packing a small carry-on bag?  Choose a few pieces of clothing that you can interchange with during your vacation.  Maybe a couple pairs of pants, and 5-7 shirts, in addition to a couple pairs of shoes that will be versatile with everything you pack.  And if you roll each piece of clothing up, it not only fits better in a small bag, but also prevents your clothing from wrinkling while being packed in your suitcase!

#5  Share your itinerary with family or a friend

Is it really necessary to do this?

Yes, definitely!  It's always wise to let a trusted family member or friend know your itinerary so that someone knows where you're going to be.  Share with them your flight itinerary, and where you will be staying.  Give them a phone number where you can be reached in case of emergency.

#6  Pack yourself a "comfort" bag for the flight

What is a "comfort" bag?

Pack this carry-on bag (it can be a small backpack or bag) that contains small comfort items such a couple of good magazines and/or a favorite book to read, some snacks such as nuts, fruit bars, et cetera, and something I like to bring for my comfort is a small hand-held fan in case the plane feels stuffy and you need air! (No judging here, we all have creature comforts we prefer, lol).

#7  Don't post about your trip on Social Media

Why can't I share my vacation as it's happening?

Sharing your vacation adventures with your social media friends is nice to do while it's happening.  (I am guilty of this).  But do you really want a lot of people to know that you're not home?  Sharing your adventures and pictures after you get back home is a much safer thing to do, and will help you to recount those great memories again once you return.

#8  Bring along a memorabilia book for organizing your trip

What kinds of things would I store in there?

A nice book or picture book is a great way to store your memories from your trip.  You could also make notes as you go on sight-seeing trips.  For example, you could write details about something you've seen so you can remember it later.  You can store things such as paper napkins from a favorite restaurant you've visited.  Or picture postcards of the scenery on your trip.  These will be great memories to share or look back on at a later time.

#9  Unpack as soon as you return from your trip

Is this really necessary?

This is one thing you do not want to procrastinate on believe me.  Unpacking as soon as possible is best, even if you're too tired to do it.  That way you don't get stressed out later if it's not done.  Get those things put away as soon as possible, and you can relax and recoup from your adventure!

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