Tuesday, June 12, 2018

7 Kid-friendly Vacations

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Traveling on your vacation sounds like a sweet deal right?  Getting a great all-inclusive vacation sometimes involves a lot of research to find a good one.  Below are a few great vacation packages that I found in my Kid-Friendly Vacations.

#1  Disneyland & Disney's California Adventure

How much will I need to spend?

There are good deals to be good deals to be found here for both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure.  For both parks, housed in Anaheim, have reasonable enough ticket prices.  Both Disneyland and Disneyland Adventure Park tickets start at approximately $105.00 per person depending on your age.  Disneyland has plenty to do with its acres and acres of nothing but fun! The younger kids can enjoy rides such as Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, and the Tea Cups just to name a few.  Older kids will be more of the thrill seekers, looking for rides such as Splash Mountain, The Matterhorn, and many more exciting roller coaster rides throughout the park.  Disney's California Adventure park has seven distinct areas to visit, including Hollywood Land, and Paradise Pier.  The best areas in this adventure park for younger kids are A Bug's Land and Cars land where they will enjoy both the rides and the animated scenery.

#2 Universal Studios

Where is this park located?

Universal Studios is located in the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, CA.  Tickets can be purchased online for approximately $113.00 per person for kids 3-12 yrs, and approximately $119.00 per person for adults.  This kid-friendly vacation features thrilling movie-oriented rides such as Transformers, Shrek 4D, and Jurassic Park to name a few.  The kids will love all the excitement of these rides, as well as the water features throughout the park.

#3 Knott's Berry Farm

What can I expect to see here?

Located in Buena Park, CA, this 160-acre park will wow the kids.  Camp Snoopy, houses the entire Peanuts gang and offers at least 20 kid-approved rides.  This park is best known for its many thrilling roller coaster rides and also bodes a real live Ghost Town featuring authentic 19th-century buildings, and a real live gun-slinging show!  You can also run into the Wild Water Wilderness area to see waterfalls, soaring geysers, and a raging white-water river as well!  Tickets run approximately $49.99 per person.

#4 Six Flags Magic Mountain

What kinds of kid-friendly rides are here?

Located in Valencia, CA, this amusement park has several rides and attractions to accommodate your entire family.  These include rides for the younger kids such as the Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers Mini-Coaster, as well as the Roaring Rapids White-Water River Ride.  This is one of the great kid-friendly vacations available to you and your family!  Tickets are approximately $131.00 per person.

#5 LEGOLAND California

Are there things my kids can build here?

Located in Anaheim, CA, in this amusement park your child can let their imagination run wild!  With this pass, your child can build, play and explore all day.  They will have 60 attractions to choose from, including Mini-land USA with all kinds of LEGO art!  And with a 1-day resort hopper upgrade, they can also visit next door at SEALIFE Aquarium, in addition to LEGOLAND Water Park. Tickets start at approximately $99.99 per person.

#6 Knott's Berry Soak City Water Park

Are the water slides here safe for my younger kids?

Located in Buena Park, CA,  this water-themed park has every water feature imaginable for your kids to enjoy.  They can swim and splash all day with unlimited use of the water slides and activities available.  Your passes will be good for all-day admission to the park's rides and activities.  The younger kids will have a ball at Gremmie Lagoon splashing down the pint-sized water slides and wading in the children's pool.  Tickets start at approximately $44.99 per person.

#7 Sea World San Diego

What kinds of aquatic life will my kids see here?

Located in San Diego, CA.  Tickets run approximately $61.99 per person.  The kids will love this 200-acre adventure park with its great variety of shows, and many learning adventures of dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, and many more.  Your kids will love the underwater tunnel, which brings them into a face-to-face encounter with polar bears in their arctic habitat.  They will be wowed by the Penguin encounter as well, enjoying watching over 250 of these little guys in their constructed enclosure of the Arctic they normally live in.

So what kind of kid-friendly vacations will you decide on this year for your kids?

Whatever kind of kid-friendly vacations you decide on, your kids are sure to enjoy it.  After all, kids enjoy new adventures when they're growing up don't they?  I know I sure did!  So give your kids a break this summer, and treat them to an all-day amusement park!   Choose an amusement park of your choice.  They are sure to have a lot of fun and adventure wherever they go!

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