Thursday, September 14, 2017

3 Important Items for a Hiking Adventure

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3 Important Items for a Hiking Adventure

Ever been on a hiking trip and realize you forgot a few things?

I'm not the most experienced hiker, but I do enjoy the outdoors every now and then.  But a few times out on the trail without these things, and you won't be very comfortable.  For future hiking excursions, I recommend these 3 Important Items for a Hiking Adventure.  When heading back out to the wilderness, the trip will be enjoyable, and well worth it!

Item #1 Always Wear Sturdy Hiking Boots

The first and foremost item to have for your hiking adventure is a good sturdy pair of hiking boots .  Preferably the type that has a waffle-type sole on them for good traction.  These will benefit you when climbing steep hiking paths.  Without those sturdy hiking boots on, the hike was a bit more difficult then it should have been.  Sturdy hiking boots or tennis shoes should also have good ankle support.   You never know when you'll come across rocky areas.  If you happen to step the wrong way, you can easily twist your ankle.  Believe me, it's not very fun to be laid up for a couple of weeks!

Item #2 Water On The Hike

Water for your hiking adventure is the very lifeline of successfully completing a great day of hiking.  Granted, in my experience the hike we took was a very short one around a small lake.  But without your water, a hike can seem long and tedious.  So always make sure that you have your water with you BEFORE you hike off into the woods.

Item #3 Small Hiking Backpack

It is always a good idea to bring a small, light hiking backpack on your hiking adventure.  This way you will have a place to put your water and snacks.  If the hike you are taking is a long one, up the side of a hill perhaps, you will be glad you brought them with you.  And who knows?  Maybe you will find a shady place along your hiking path to stop and rest.  Someplace you can enjoy your water and snacks while enjoying the beauty of the nature that surrounds you!