Wednesday, October 4, 2017

3 of My Favorite Fall Fashions


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Ever been stuck with the decision of what to wear when the fall season rolls around, and you realize all of your clothes are out of date, or they no longer fit? Here are 3 of My Favorite Fall Fashions, when shopping for a great fall outfit to wear.

#1 Shop for a great-looking sweater to wear

Fall is a great time to spruce up your fall fashions wardrobe!  When fall arrives, I always feel it's a good time to update my wardrobe with two or three colorful sweaters to add to my fall fashions wardrobe.  And I always want to try and switch up the colors when I shop, to kind of give my wardrobe a little pizzazz.  A couple of nice warm sweaters can not only cheer you up but really add some color to your wardrobe.  I recommend fall colors like red, or brown, or even dark blue or purple can really work.  And if you play your cards right, you can go online to places like Zulily, Target, JC Penney, or Kohl's, and find some great deals.

#2  Next a nice pair of slacks or comfortable jeans

Next, you want to look for either a nice pair of new slacks or a comfortable pair of jeans, depending on what your preference is.  Figure out what it is you might need to add to your wardrobe at the time, such as either slacks for the working woman or man.  If you are a stay-at-home wife and/or homemaker, you want to make sure you are comfortable while taking care of your home and family.  Since retiring, I prefer to live in jeans, since they are practical and comfortable throughout the day.

#3 And finally, a comfortable but stylish pair of shoes to wear

Finally, a great pair of shoes, preferably comfortable ones will nicely compliment your fall fashions wardrobe.  I recommend shopping for low-heeled or flat shoes that are particularly roomy to wear, that don't squeeze your feet too badly while walking in them.  I usually prefer a great pair of tennis shoes myself.  That way when I'm out and about, doing a lot of walking, comfortable tennis shoes are the best way to go.

My preferred outfit is a sweater, a comfortable pair of jeans, and some comfy tennis shoes on my feet.  So whatever it is you prefer to wear, whether it's shoes for a hiking adventure, or a comfy sweater and jeans, make sure it fits your personality, and above all, dress for your own comfort!

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