Wednesday, October 25, 2017

5 Great Ways to Spend Time With Your Kids

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For those of us that have children, some days can be really tough. Especially when the kids are out of school on vacation.  They sometimes get listless and bored and need something to occupy their time, aside from being in front of the TV, or on their mobile device.  This is where we as parents come in, assuming you are also on vacation and home with your kids.  To spend time with your kids is parmount to building great relationships with them.  Below are 5 Great Ways to Spend Time with Your Kids, that can be both fun and entertaining for all of you.

#1 Plan a Baking Party in the Kitchen

Just to spend time with your kids in the kitchen can be fun.  Most kids love to eat baked goods and teaching them how to bake those goods can be a fun project for everyone.  If you want to spend time with your kids and teach them how to bake from scratch (which has become a lost art) this is a great opportunity to do it.  Share baking duties by letting them help you get ingredients out of the pantry.  Then go over the recipe with them, letting each child add an ingredient into the mix.  Before you know it you'll have those cookies in the oven, and a great snack to share when they are done!  So break out those cookbooks and start a great tradition with your kids for the holidays!

#2 Plan a Movie Marathon in the Living Room

Why not make TV time a special time for everyone, by watching a movie with your kids?  To spend time with your kids watching a great movie can be a great bonding time with the family.  There are retailers out there that sell children's movies for as low as five dollars!  And if your kids are smaller such as ages two through ten, there are a lot of great Disney movies out there as well!  Watching movies with your kids or grandkids can be a great time of togetherness for everyone!

#3 Decorate the Christmas Tree As a Family

If it's one season that I always loved as a kid, it is Christmas.  This is also the time of the season when the kids are out of school on vacation.  If you don't have your Christmas Tree up yet, it's the perfect time to start!  Have the kids help you put ornaments on the tree.  You may come across an ornament or two that has a family history that you can talk to your kids about while decorating.  Have the kids help you put tinsel on the tree a few strands at a time.  Once the tree is done, you can announce a lighting ceremony, and have your kids help you celebrate it with snacks.  Sit back and enjoy your snacks while admiring your tree, and your kids will be proud they helped make it happen!

#4 Work Puzzles Together

Working a physical jigsaw puzzle on the table these days is a rarity.   When suggesting this to your kids, you could offer it as a speed game.  Time each other to see who can put together a simple puzzle the quickest using a timer.  Or pull out a large puzzle and work the pieces together.  That way there is satisfaction for both you and the kids, that you created and finished a masterpiece together.  There is a great component of togetherness in the simple things.

#5 Play Board Games or Cards

Board games are a great way to promote family time and togetherness, laughter and great conversation with the kids.  Favorite tried and true board games include Monopoly, Don't break the Ice, Candy Land, to name a few.  If you don't have these games in your home, look out for them online at websites such as Amazon, or eBay.  Kids love to play games, and when the whole family is involved, be prepared for some healthy competition!

Family time is so important, especially these days, and it helps to build a healthy bond with your kids.  These things will not only give you some quality time with your kids, it will make fond memories for them the rest of their lives.

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