Tuesday, October 3, 2017

5 Inexpensive Things to Do When the Grandkids Visit

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5 Inexpensive Things To Do When The Grandkids Visit

When my granddaughter comes to visit, it's such a wonderful time for us. We have a great time when she visits because we don't get to see her much.  But have you ever wondered, "Now what do we do with the Grandkids, once they are here?"  If you are retired, and on a fixed income, here are 5 Inexpensive Things to do When The Grandkids Visit, that they are sure to love:

#1 Visit the Community Pool

Whether the grandkids are visiting in the summer after school is out, or on their winter vacation, one of the great things to do if you have one is to take them to the community pool.  An indoor community pool is open year-round and is always there if you need something exciting for the grandkids to do.  It's very low-cost to get in, and if you choose to stay for awhile, can be an all-day activity.  The community pool has everything you need for your grandkids to swim safely, including life jackets.  Just pack a lunch and some drinks and snacks, find a shady area to sit, and enjoy watching them have fun, and maybe make a friend or two in the process!

#2 A Day Trip to the Park

Kids love to be outside playing.  So planning an hour or two in the park, or planning a day in the park barbecuing in your community, is another great way to let the grandkids burn off some of that young energy they all seem to have.  In addition, the park has a few advantages, including a playground, and the prospect of the grandkids making a friend or two there as well.  Some parks may have interesting birds to watch, such as Geese.  Geese are always fun to watch, and if your grandkids are like my granddaughter, they will want to get a closer look!

#3 Set up a blow-up pool with a slip and slide

Kids love anything having to do with water, especially during their summer break from school.  I recommend having some water tools in your bag of tricks, such as a small slip and slide, or a small blowup swimming pool, in addition to a few squirt guns.  It doesn't take much for the grandkids to have some fun when they're little, and these things can really save you if you're not up to going out anywhere on a particular day.  Just be ready to get out in the yard, and play with them.  Making the time to spend with the grandkids while they are here, is a great investment of your time with them, and it'll make great memories for them as well.

#4 Ride bicycles around your neighborhood

Kids also love riding bicycles.  If you are up for it, riding bicycles with the grandkids is a great way for both of you to stay fit.  Keep a small bike on hand at your home for them, as well as one for yourself.  A small bicycle can be purchased from Amazon or Walmart for a very low cost.  If there are garage sales in your area, you can usually get one very cheaply going that route.  It's a great idea if you don't see the grandkids much.  You will want to make sure that your grandchild has a bike helmet, and some good knee pads for protection in case they fall.  It'll definitely keep them from getting hurt.  Once you've got everything you need, you can be off and running and have the breeze blowing in your hair in no time!

#5 Watch a Disney movie at the local theater

Kids these days all love going to a good movie, but finding one may be difficult these days.  But they all seem to love Disney movies, or these days a lot of cartoon-like movies come from a company called Pixar, which are pretty good.  Kids seem to sit attentively when they're watching cartoons.  So take the grandkids to a movie, buy them a couple snacks, and you're good to go!

These things are all inexpensive, and they promote a lot of family togetherness with your grandkids while they're visiting!

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