Wednesday, February 28, 2018

5 Tips to Stay Safe on the Freeway

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Is it my imagination or have the freeways become really crowded these days? Does anyone else have any frustration with this?  Staying safe on the freeways is really hard these days.  Read on to these   5 Tips to Stay Safe on the Freeways.

#1 Pay close attention when using freeway onramps

Getting on the freeway to begin with, is a challenge.  There seem to be many more drivers as compared to even 10 years ago.  Be very cautious when preparing to board an on ramp to the freeway.  Look in your side-view mirror, and I strongly advise actually looking over your shoulder for an even better view of oncoming traffic.  There are usually wall-to-wall cars coming at you, so to stay safe on the freeway, merge carefully.  There are many cars, and sometimes motorcycles, in addition to truckers sailing down the freeway at what seems like 90 mph or more.  Many of them seem not to care as they sail by, whether or not you can successfully get on the freeway.

#2 Try to drive the posted speed limit

I know this is a hard one.  It seems if you don't join everyone else and drive 90 mph, you will most likely get run over.   Most drivers do not go the posted limit.  Instead, they fly by with many distractions at their fingertips.  Some are putting on makeup.  Others are texting, or talking on their cell phones.  I fall into that small minority of legal drivers that actually try to stay safe on the freeway, by adhering to the speed limit and unfortunately it really makes driving on the freeway a dangerous thing these days.  Seems if you don't go at least 90 mph in the fast lane you are either cursed, sworn at, flipped off or side-swiped.  Government authorities raising that speed limit only makes it worse.  It seems every time the speed limit is raised, the speeders just push it to the limit, driving even faster.

#3 Drive defensively

What I was told in my driver's training class years ago:  Drive defensively.  This is so true.  Because these days, driving on the freeway just seems to be a free-for-all with hardly anyone following the driving rules.  Just "watch out for the other guy" is my motto!  Unfortunately, this is a cross we must all bare.  All you can do to stay safe on the freeway is drive defensively.  Really watch out for yourself and your safety when you're out there on the road.  Do not assume that all drivers are going by the traffic rules because realistically that is just not true anymore.

#4 Make sure you are covered

First and foremost, please make sure you have insurance for your vehicle.  It will protect you while on the freeway, not only if someone else hits your car, but also protect you if you accidentally hit someone else.  You'd be surprised at just how many frivolous lawsuits there are out there these days.  So having insurance coverage will lessen your stress if an accident occurs.

#5 Make sure your kids are safely strapped in

Another thing to remember is keeping your kids safe when they are in the car on the freeway with you.  Follow the driving laws such as having a sturdy car seat in your vehicle.  Make sure your child is strapped in safely before leaving your driveway.  If you have a baby in tow, make sure they are strapped in their car seat, in the back seat, with car seat rear-facing.

All we can hope for is that all drivers, getting onto the freeway, will always be defensive drivers and "watch out for the other guy!"

Monday, February 19, 2018

5 Fashion Ideas from Winter to Spring

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Having a hard time figuring out what to wear as winter transitions into spring?  I know I do.  This involves taking 2-4 hours to try on everything in my closet.  Usually in an effort to find out what fits and what doesn't.  I've never been a "fashionista" so to speak.  But I try to dress as nicely as possible and still be comfortable.  For inspiration, read on to 5 Fashion Ideas from Winter to Spring.

#1 Weigh your options

No woman wants to run out of fashion ideas to mix and match your wardrobe.  Actually trying on different things in your closet helps to weigh your options.  Something that I personally do, is try on different pants and shirts. I do this to see first of all what still fits.  Then I weigh my options about what outfits I can put together with what I have.  Weighing my options as far as seeing how many outfits I can put together is a great feeling.  It helps me see that I have more options than I thought I did with what I already have!  But purchasing a few newer pieces always freshens up any wardrobe.  And what woman doesn't like to shop when given the chance?

#2 Buy new pieces between seasons

It's always a great idea to shop for new pieces of your wardrobe in between seasons.  That way you can shop in person or online at retailer stores during their clearance sales.  I like to do this between seasons because the deals are great.  You're bound to find a lot of brand name items at sometimes half the original cost.  I just found a nice shirt (a winter "anchor piece") at Macy's for $2.93 on clearance!  You know I had to buy it!  I only paid $68.00 for five tops!  Now that's a fantastic clearance-shopping trip!  You can find nice additions to your winter wardrobe as we're heading into spring and vice versa.

#3 Choose your "anchor pieces"

By this, I mean to find a handful of clothing pieces that you can move around with a lot of other pieces.  Finding tops, blouses, or shirts, for instance, to match one to two pairs of pants or skirts can be an exciting discovery.  Especially if you've made the discovery with pieces you already own!  Anchor pieces can be pieces of neutral color, that match several other colors in your wardrobe.  Brown or black colors can match several other pieces in your closet, complimenting your winter wardrobe.  Lighter colors, such as light solid colors, pastels, or floral designs, can match tan slacks or skirts, complimenting your summer wardrobe.  The variety of fashion ideas for mix and match is endless when you have just a handful of your "anchor pieces"!

#4 Make a "clothing picture album"

Since we all have cell phone cameras, just grab your cell phone camera and snap a photo.  Find your mix and match outfits, and have a friend take pictures of them for you.  For me, it helps me keep a record of what matches.  Then when I'm trying to figure out what to wear, I consult my clothing pictures and it reminds me!  Because, if you're like me, sometimes we forget what matches and what doesn't!  When you have the pictures to remind you, and you're in a hurry about what to wear, just consult the pictures.  And voila!  Instance outfit memory saver!

#5 Phone a Friend

Sometimes we women need a second opinion about our fashion choices.  I know I do.  As I said before, I'm not exactly a fashionista by any means.  Sometimes I don't trust my own opinion on the clothes I chose to mix and match!  But calling a friend can really help.  Sometimes they can help you by letting you know what you look like from "the other side."

Saturday, February 10, 2018

3 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

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Still stuck figuring out what to get your sweetie for Valentine's Day?  Looking for a great last-minute gift idea, but don't know where to start?  Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be stressful, and mind-blowing.  But fear not!  Read on to my 3 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts, then get out there and shop so you'll be ready for the big day!

#1 Cookie and candy basket

Who doesn't love receiving candy gifts on Valentine's Day?  A combination of cookies and candy together in this type of basket will satisfy any sweet tooth and is the perfect last-minute gift.  It's simple, yet "sweet".  Your Valentine will love to receive assorted cookies and candy.  Add to that some wine for that perfect balance to that last-minute Valentine's Day gift.  Always a great combination and if you're nice, maybe they will share!

#2 A flower bouquet with her favorites

Flowers, like diamonds (lol), are a girl's best friend.  Give her a brilliant bouquet of her favorite flower as a Valentine's Day gift, and she will be swept off her feet!  There are many choices when shopping for flowers, so you're sure to find just the right flower bouquet with her favorites.  You could choose Roses (a big favorite) in reds, yellows, pinks, or a combination.  Carnations are a big favorite as well (mine, lol!).  Tulips can also be fun!  A flower gift can be enjoyed for several days if kept in fresh water, and you can even perk them up again by adding an aspirin!

#3 Gift Basket filled with goodies

A goodie-filled gift basket is a great Valentine's Day gift, which will really thrill your Valentine.  Receiving a gift that has many small gifts inside can be exciting.  Perhaps a wine basket made up with a nice Chardonnay, some cheese, and crackers is a great choice.  Your Valentine will be thrilled to get a gift with assorted goodies.  It 's also a good excuse to take that gift basket and go out for a Valentine's Day picnic.  Take a long drive to the coast, and spread a blanket on the beach to enjoy your goodies there.  You can really get creative with a gift basket and it's a great opportunity to spend some time together with the one you love on Valentine's Day.

On a budget?  You can still find a great gift for Valentine's Day at really reasonable prices.   There are plenty of great Valentine's Day gifts you can find and purchase online for Valentine's Day.  Most merchants have expedited delivery if you ask, and some even have a two-day delivery shipping option.  It's the thought that really counts, that's my motto!  Hope this short list of ideas helps lessen your stress level and helps you find perfect Valentine's Day gifts for your special someone!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

5 Tips to Make Reading Fun for your Child

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Have you ever been reading to your child or grandchild, and realize that there are just some books that don't appeal to them?  At least not in repetition.  Creating fun and relaxing reading time with your child, can be the start of their love of reading in the long run.  Read on to my suggestions for 5 Tips to Make Reading Fun for your Child.

#1 Let the child choose their book

Letting your child choose the book you read to them can really help.  Keeping the child's books organized in one place can help tremendously.  This way the child knows just where to go to find their favorite book.  Children especially love to read when it's a favorite book.  Have them choose two or three short stories, and you have a great night of reading ahead before bedtime!

#2 Keep the reading actively engaging

Acting out the characters with your child while reading them a book can really make reading fun for your child.  Especially if you use character voices.  My children used to love using character voices while we were reading.  It can create a bonding moment between you and your kids or grandkids when you make reading the story fun, and create a great memory for them to look back on.

#3 Make reading a game

Making a game out of reading can make reading fun for your child.  Try leaving clues around the house with hints on the book you are planning to read to them.  Leave little notes telling them where to go next.  This makes it very exciting for the child, especially when the child finds the book and it's their favorite book of all time.  Once the treasure hunting is done, your child will be ready to relax and listen to their favorite story.

#4 Pay attention to favorite authors

Keep an ear open for which books your child loves.  Sometimes they fall in love with books of the same author.  Take note, and go online to order your child's favorite books with their favorite author.  My favorite author when I was a child, was Beverly Clearly.  She wrote a series of books on a child named Otis Spofford and his adventures, in addition to the Beezus and Ramona series.  A favorite author with a series of books out can really get a child interested in a love of reading.  These books can take them on adventures in their minds, and they can go anywhere!

#5 Hang out at the local library

Libraries have books in them obviously, and looking through the library for their favorite books can especially make reading fun for your child.  Take a list of book titles by your child's favorite author, and make it a treasure hunt.  Looking for a favorite book to read is the fun part, and finally finding it can be exciting.  Libraries usually have a reading circle in a corner of the library to make reading fun for kids as well on their schedules.  Sitting in a reading corner with other children listening to a great story being read can make reading fun for your child as well.  Some libraries may have exciting activities to make reading fun for your child, such as puppet shows, or even crafting activities to encourage them as well.