Wednesday, February 7, 2018

5 Tips to Make Reading Fun for your Child

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Have you ever been reading to your child or grandchild, and realize that there are just some books that don't appeal to them?  At least not in repetition.  Creating fun and relaxing reading time with your child, can be the start of their love of reading in the long run.  Read on to my suggestions for 5 Tips to Make Reading Fun for your Child.

#1 Let the child choose their book

Letting your child choose the book you read to them can really help.  Keeping the child's books organized in one place can help tremendously.  This way the child knows just where to go to find their favorite book.  Children especially love to read when it's a favorite book.  Have them choose two or three short stories, and you have a great night of reading ahead before bedtime!

#2 Keep the reading actively engaging

Acting out the characters with your child while reading them a book can really make reading fun for your child.  Especially if you use character voices.  My children used to love using character voices while we were reading.  It can create a bonding moment between you and your kids or grandkids when you make reading the story fun, and create a great memory for them to look back on.

#3 Make reading a game

Making a game out of reading can make reading fun for your child.  Try leaving clues around the house with hints on the book you are planning to read to them.  Leave little notes telling them where to go next.  This makes it very exciting for the child, especially when the child finds the book and it's their favorite book of all time.  Once the treasure hunting is done, your child will be ready to relax and listen to their favorite story.

#4 Pay attention to favorite authors

Keep an ear open for which books your child loves.  Sometimes they fall in love with books of the same author.  Take note, and go online to order your child's favorite books with their favorite author.  My favorite author when I was a child, was Beverly Clearly.  She wrote a series of books on a child named Otis Spofford and his adventures, in addition to the Beezus and Ramona series.  A favorite author with a series of books out can really get a child interested in a love of reading.  These books can take them on adventures in their minds, and they can go anywhere!

#5 Hang out at the local library

Libraries have books in them obviously, and looking through the library for their favorite books can especially make reading fun for your child.  Take a list of book titles by your child's favorite author, and make it a treasure hunt.  Looking for a favorite book to read is the fun part, and finally finding it can be exciting.  Libraries usually have a reading circle in a corner of the library to make reading fun for kids as well on their schedules.  Sitting in a reading corner with other children listening to a great story being read can make reading fun for your child as well.  Some libraries may have exciting activities to make reading fun for your child, such as puppet shows, or even crafting activities to encourage them as well.

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