Wednesday, April 4, 2018

7 Great Tips To Find Bargains On Spring Clothes

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Spring is upon us already!  So with that said, are you looking for a wardrobe that fits into spring without busting your budget?  I'm always looking for bargains out there, so it's really exciting to find spring clothes on sale when I'm out shopping for bargains!  Read on to 7 Great Tips to find Bargains for Spring Clothes!

Read through your local newspaper ads

Have a local newspaper you read regularly?  The local newspaper is the best way to get a heads up on spring clothing that's on sale.  The best time to scan the local paper, of course, would be at the end of spring moving into summer and fall months That way you'll hit the stores at the point they are selling out their spring clothing before their fall and winter clothing comes in.  But sometimes you can find spring clothing on sale if you scan the local paper closely.

Pull out ads for favorite stores you normally shop at

Who doesn't love shopping at their favorite stores?  My favorite stores in my area for spring clothes, sometimes offer incentives when you buy.  So naturally, those are the ads I grab first.  Sometimes you can find really good deals for your favorite stores if you scan their ads carefully.  And oftentimes you will find that a lot of the stores will have clearance sales.  This is a great time to shop for those bargains!

Carefully check to find coupons for your local stores

A great way to really get a bargain on spring clothes is checking through your local store ads for coupons.  A lot more stores these days are in heavy competition with one another, so you can really find some great coupons in their ads.  Some choice retailers have coupons for sometimes 10% off, as well as offering cash coupons if you spend a specified amount in their stores.  I've used the cash coupons to return to my favorite stores, and believe me, you can often find things you want at much lower prices since these stores often combine their cash coupons in addition to a specified percentage off.  At any rate, it sure makes shopping more exciting while you're out looking for those bargains.  You take those coupons to your favorite local store, and you can buy your favorite spring clothes at full price.  You end up paying a fraction of the cost after they run all your coupons through the register!  Take advantage of the coupons!

Check due dates on coupons and make sure to tuck them into your purse or wallet

Keep all your coupons in the same place in your purse or wallet.  Check due dates from time to time, to make sure you've got coupons that fall within the date range that you choose to go shopping.  I sometimes take the time for an extra shopping trip to make sure I use my coupons before they expire.

Take a "Me" day and make a day of bargain shopping just for yourself!

There's nothing better than going on a solo shopping trip.  I love going out shopping by myself.  This way you're not feeling rushed, or worried that whoever is with you is getting bored.  You can pick through those clothing racks a little bit at a time, and take your time doing it!  While you're at it, stop at a fast food joint, and grab yourself a burger.  Nothing better than spoiling yourself with a nice "me" lunch once in awhile!

Make your way to those clearance racks and shop baby!

Don't forget those clearance racks!  I love picking through the clearance racks.  Just make a day of it, and take your time.  Who knows?  You may just find that diamond in the rough that you've been looking for!  Sometimes the best bargains of all are found on the clearance racks.  You just have to be patient, take your time, and dig 'em out!

Bring home all your bargains and gloat in all your glory, at the money you've saved!

The best part about looking for bargains is finding them.  And don't forget that great feeling that you've saved a bundle while having a fun day out.  There's nothing better than coming home with a lot of clothing that you paid next to nothing for!

So pick a day for yourself, and get out there!  The bargains aren't gonna find you, you have to find them!  Good luck to you on your bargain finds.  If you get out there and take the time, you're bound to come home with some great spring clothes, and lots of money saved for sure!

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