Wednesday, June 27, 2018

11 Things to Make You Smile


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Everyone deserves to smile.  There's just not enough of that in the world anymore.  Wouldn't it be grand, if each person smiled at someone as they walk past?  It's a sure bet they would smile back.  Smiling is contagious for most people.  There is a multitude of things to make you smile.  Pick up some tips here in my post on 11 Things to Make You Smile.

#1 Tell your local grocery clerk to have a nice day

Why should I do that?

Believe it or not, it is entirely possible that your local grocery clerk could be having a bad day.  Just smiling and saying to them "have a nice day", can make the rest of their day better! Just knowing that you took a few seconds out of your day to show you care, can uplift a person's spirit in a big way.

#2 Hold the door open for someone

What if I end up holding the door open for a lot of other people?

Well, the object here is to think of it as a giving gesture.  This is a small selfless act of kindness.  And the odds are the stream of people will slow down and you can finally let go!  If that doesn't happen for a few minutes, then think of all the people you can give free smiles to while you're at it!

#3 Let a co-worker know how much you really appreciate them

Why?  Isn't it their job to help me out when I need them? 

Well, that's not entirely true.  Among the list of things that make you smile, some co-workers will help you out of the goodness of their heart.  That's the time to let them know their time and effort is appreciated.  It will make their day to know that you notice and appreciate their hard work.

#4 Do some volunteer work in a retirement home

When am I supposed to fit this in with my busy schedule?

Sometimes it really helps to make the time.  Volunteer work can really be fulfilling when you see the elderly smile.  Some of them do not have any family that visits, so knowing you took the time to spend with them is something they will really appreciate.  You'd be surprised at the interesting stories and information you can glean from an older person.  I have done this with my grandmother in past years.  It was interesting to hear about how she grew up back in Missouri with her family.  Things were very different back then, and it was interesting to hear how they adapted to everything they were up against.

#5 Welcome the new neighbors

But what if I'm nervous about meeting new people?

Trust me, it will only take a couple of minutes of your time.  All it takes is a batch of brownies or a plant to welcome them.  It'll definitely elicit a smile from them, that you took a few minutes out of your day to introduce yourself.  Being the new person in the neighborhood is not an easy thing.  They don't know anyone, and maybe they're nervous about being in a new place.  Your short visit with a small token of welcome and a smile will make them smile and feel more welcome as well.

#6 Tell your children how proud you are of them

They already know I'm proud of them, so why say it again? 

A child needs to hear that more than once in their lifetime.  It continues to validate to that child, that you love them.  It lets them know that you are always proud of them for everything they do and accomplish in life.  It also helps raise the confidence level that they can do whatever they set their mind to.

#7 Forgive someone when they apologize

Why do I need to forgive them when they are the one in the wrong?

Because, as the great Alexander Pope once said, "To err is human, to forgive divine", in  "An Essay on Criticism".   We should always find it in our hearts to forgive people when they are willing to step forth and admit that they were wrong.  This can be easier said than done, but it will get a smile from both the person apologizing and you as well!

#8 Give your spouse a spontaneous backrub at the end of the day

Isn't that a lot of work and energy when I'm just as tired?

At the end of the day, if your spouse has had an especially hard day, just a two or three-minute backrub will do the trick.  It will instantly relieve whatever stress they've had going on in their day, and it'll help he or she relax a lot faster and be able to enjoy the rest of their evening with you.

#9 Surprise someone by doing a household chore they usually do

But why should I do more work than I already do around the house?

Because it's a nice thing to do It's not like you have to do it every day.  Just pick one day, and do one chore.  The person you are doing the chore for will definitely appreciate it.  Especially if they've already had a rough tiring day.  It's just one more thing they can smile about.

#10 Leave a joke on someone's answering machine

How do I know they won't be offended by it?

Most people won't be offended by this, as long as the joke is a fairly clean one.  And it's a really fun thing to do just for a change of pace.  And among the things to make you smile, you will have as much fun doing this, as the person who receives it.  And that makes two of you smiling!

#11 Send a thank you note to someone 

Why do I need to do this when  I already said thank you?

People appreciate thankyou notes.  It takes just a few minutes of your time and lets the other person know that you value and appreciate what they did for you.  It's extra special to get one of these, even if you've already told the person thank you.  And they'll appreciate that you were thinking of them, and took the time to write it.

There are several other things to make you smile.  But the best and easiest thing you can do for others is to just give them a smile as you walk past.  This small thing can brighten a person's day, and most will smile back at you!  It's a free gift that we can give others each day as we are out and about.   A smile can have healing power for a lot of us.  So get out there and SMILE!

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