Wednesday, June 20, 2018

5 Tips for Planting Your Garden

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Have you always dreamed about planting a beautiful garden in your yard, but had no idea where to start?  Get some tips here as I give advice on the 5 Tips For Planting Your Garden!

#1 Shop for Plants that are indigenous to the area you live in

How do I know which plants will survive in my area?

I was new to this whole planting a garden in my yard thing.  I always wanted to do it but had no idea where to start.  Start by making a visit to your local home improvement stores, such as Lowe's or Home Depot.  Their gardening departments have all kinds of plants here.  Most garden plants that will survive in your area, will be sold there.  This makes your choice of plants a little easier at least.  So far I have found from experience, that plants with underground bulbs are the best.  This is because they will come back up the next year, relieving you of having to replant a lot of your garden again.

#2 When digging holes to plant, use potting soil

Why use potting soil if there's already dirt in my garden?

The reason for this is because the potting soil has minerals in it that feed your plants, helping them to flourish once planted.  The potting soil helps your plants adjust in the new soil, once taken out of their containers.  Some places just don't have good soil (like my backyard!) and it makes it very hard to keep plants alive.  The potting soil assists with this, which will give your plants a fighting chance to get strong and survive in your yard.  I use this every year that I need to plant new plants, and it's never failed me yet.

#3 Add water in the hole before adding the plant

Why not water AFTER I put the plant in the ground? 

The water you add to the hole before putting the plant in, helps the roots adjust to the shock.  Plants need to get used to being out of their containers and in the ground.  The water around them (just as with the potting soil) helps lessen the shock.  This way the plant adjusts better and is able to flourish without dying on you.

#4 Once the plant is in the ground, add additional potting soil

Why do I need more potting soil when I can just use regular dirt?

As stated previously, when planting your garden, using potting soil helps reduce the shock for the plant.  It feeds the plant and gives it a fighting chance while it's trying to adjust to the new surroundings.  Add more potting soil around the plant, and push it down so as to tuck the plant in tighter.  This will help to cover any roots from the sun and outside weather so the plant can adjust better.

#5 Water newly planted plants at least once a day for a couple of weeks

Why do I need to water so much?

When planting your garden, and your new plants are settling into their new surroundings in the ground, it is best to water them at least once a day for the next two weeks after planting.  This will help the roots adjust and grab onto the underground better.  Plants really need that extra moisture the first couple of weeks to give them a fighting chance.

Once you get your whole garden planted and watered, just stand back and marvel at your great work.  Practice definitely makes perfect!  I am in my third year of spring planting in my backyard, and it does get easier.   The work is not easy, but you reap the benefit of having a very colorful backyard this spring and summer for sure!  So grab some enthusiasm, put on some good music and get to work!  You'll be done before you know it!


  1. These tips are great! I finally figured out that succulents were best for my front porch because here in Wisconsin our weather changes all the time. They are doing great & super low maintenance!

  2. That's great, glad to hear it! Here in Nevada, I'm still never sure what to plant! So far, my Dianthus seem to be surviving the snow and come back in the spring.